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About Us

Our owner, Ramon Cazares, has a love for metal work and the marine industry that spans decades, which caused him to start Chingón Custom Metal Fabrication in San Diego, California. Learn about how Ramon's adventures at sea and an appreciation for sailing vessels led to creating our successful workshop that serves clients from many industries.

Early Years

Ramon Cazares discovered a passion for boats in 1969 after being invited on board a vessel by a local sport boat captain in Long Beach. Thrilled by the experience, Ramon returned every weekend and eventually worked his way up through the crew ranks.

Life At Sea

Just out of high school, Ramon moved to San Diego in 1978. Ramon earned his living fishing bait boats, then moved on to tuna fishing for several years. Ramon built his own fishing boat over 20 years ago and still fishes recreationally with his family today. This love of the ocean, fishing and unique talents led him to the design work that fuels the success of our company today.

Our Shop

Ramon still loves to get his hands dirty, and has worked on every type of boat imaginable. The boating community depends on Ramon for sound advice for both large and small projects. When you need a custom fabrication shop to take care of your metal projects, count on Ramon Cazares and our experts. Our far ranging knowledge of multiple industries makes us one of the leading repair facilities in the area. When you need quality results, trust in Chingón Custom Metal Fabrication.