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Quality Design, Fabrication & Repairs

Chingón Custom Metal Fabrication a full service shop in San Diego, California, specializing in marine metal fabrication and boat repairs but provides services for almost any industry. Skilled at residential, commercial, and even aerospace projects, we deliver quality craftsmanship on every job, including custom work and artistic commissions.

The Metal Experts

Clients come to our shop first because of our extensive knowledge of metals and alloys. From simple repairs to complex welds, we work with all types of materials. Common metals include:

• Stainless Steel
• Mild Steel
• Titanium
• Brass
• Copper
• Cupronickel
• Anodized Aluminum
• Aluminum
• Chromalloy

Luxury Yacht Upgrades

If you need metal maintenance or you'd like personalized features for your prize sailing vessel, we can expedite your project to ensure you're off to your next port of call on time. We've worked on some the most prestigious mega-yachts sailing the world today. We can handle updating or restoring any range of items, including:

• Anchor Plates
• Bollards
• Railings
• Sliding Doors
• Ladders
• Deck Accessories
• Exhausts
• Engine Room Repairs
Front View of Yacht

Fishing Vessel

Whether you own small fishing vessel or you run a commercial operation that brings in large hauls, we can repair essential metal components to keep your boat sailing smoothly. We can even build and maintain custom parts. Items that captains trust us to maintain are:

• T-Tops • Belly Hoops • Rod Racks • Bow Rails • Fuel & Bait Tanks

Commercial & Residential Work

Many of our satisfied clients work in the commercial and residential sectors, not just the marine industry. If you need us to build your company an aerospace prototype or you want a custom built metal staircase for your industrial plant, we're here to help. We also create artistic sculptures to decorate courtyards at businesses or restaurants.